Fisher Gold Bug 2 Review

What is the Fisher Gold Bug 2?

The Fisher Gold Bug 2 is one of the most common and popular metal detector used hobbyists. It is your standard sized metal detector but it packs a powerful punch. The Fisher Gold Bug 2 is designed primarily to find gold nuggets. Raw gold nuggets respond differently to metal detectors compared to jewelry and coins. The Fisher GB2 will be able to find coins and jewelry also but is mainly designed for finding gold nuggets. With the highest operating frequency on the market it is able to detect the smallest of gold nuggets. Using this great metal detector you can find a gold nuggets the size of a pin head.

Who would use it?

Hopeful gold prospectors around America use the gold bug 2. If you are interested in finding your own gold nuggets the gold bug 2 will definitely work for you. Also one of the best priced metal detectors it will cost about $750 Dollars, this price is very much worth it. Years ago a metal detector of this quality would cost around $2,000 Dollars. Unfortunately metal detectors that are lower in price will be unable to find smaller gold nuggets, so $750 is going to be roughly the minimum price. Since metal detecting has become so popular you really do need a sensitive metal detector to find gold. Most of the largest nuggets in common areas have already been found.

How is the Quality?

The quality of the Fisher Gold Bug 2 is great. Fisher has been around since 1931 providing great quality products in the metal detection industry. Their equipment is made with high quality parts and should last you nearly decades with proper care. Fisher – like other great brands has a great warranty. You are covered for a guaranteed 5 years with their factory warranty. I have heard stories of Fisher still helping fix detectors well after they are out of the warranty period. All around a great company.

What are standout features?

Stand out features for the Fisher Gold Bug 2 include its light weight and easy to use control system. The Gold Bug 2 creates a very high quality signal output that helps identify some of the smallest hits. Being the most sensitive detector in its class makes it great finding gold nuggets. Living in the desert it’s hard to find rivers to pan for gold. Even if you do have access to rivers and other prospecting areas having a great metal detector is a tool every prospector should have in their arsenal. Check out the lowest Fisher Gold Bug 2
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