Introduction To Archive Storage:


Like cloud storage archival storage is also a very convenient way of storing your data. Archive storage is less costly and less accessible. Archive storage us more convenient than object storage. However, archive storage is not instantaneous.  Archive storage is always eligible for customer experience management solutions. To access the data stored on archive storage you have to follow the same path or to use the same source which you follow when accessing to the data stored on object storage. Cloud communication solutions can be done by using this.

For the sake of storing and managing data on archive storage you can use following object data resources:

Cloud Buckets For Data Storage:

Buckets are logical data storage resources. It has a single compartment of it having its own set of policies. These policies define all the tasks and functions could be performed on the buckets and on the resources containing the bucket. When you make an account on bucket to store the data firstly you choose a default weather archive standard according to the data you are storing on it. When you use it for the first time then default is selected but you can also change it according to your choice. There is a policy rule called object life cycle policy rule. When your data fulfil the criteria of this policy then all the data will be stored on archive storage remaining in the bucket for customer experience management solutions.

The default storage bucket cannot be changed when once you have choose it.

  • Standard tier bucket cannot be transformed into archive storage
  • Also so the archive storage bucket cannot be transformed into standard type bucket when you have selected it once for customer experience solutions.

You need to be very careful while you are going to use archive storage buckets because in addition to above mentioned inabilities there are following reasons because of them you have to be careful:

  • The limit for storing the data on archive storage if about 90 days but if you make some changes or delete the data from there within this limit then you also have to charge for or the total 90 days of limit.
  • If you are restoring your deleted data then you’re again giving your data true standard tier for accessing and hence you will be billed for cloud communication solutions.

You can use object lifecycle policy for your data to restore your data on archive storage automatically.


Any type of data except of content-type can be stored in the form of an object. Each object is stored in a bucket. An object file is consist of the object itself and the matter database of this object. To upload the object on archive storage bucket and cloud communication solution the same way is followed.