Trying To Fit In A New Hostel? Here Are Some Tips To Help You Out!

Trying to fit into a new college or hostel can be a very daunting task.  Because there are different kinds of people living in there with various personalities. And managing all those personalities will not be an easy task.

Well, read below to find out fit in a new hostel.

Know the rules

You need to know the rules when it comes to living in a new hostel. These are not the formal rules enforced by the matrons. These are the rules enforced by those living there. And being a newbie if you try to argue with anything they have to say, you will find yourself in deep trouble. Make sure that you follow these rules to the dot and avoid getting into arguments. Because the more you argue the worse the problem of fitting in gets. So, always try to keep your cool!


 You also need to actively participate in social events to ensure that you are among those who are remembered. By socializing with the others and maintaining a good relationship with those in the hostel you will be able to get friendly with the others as well. You can even go that extra mile and help in organizing the events. You can even make Money contributions for the events. You can also buy your hostel mates promotional gifts HK to impress them. The important thing here is to make a few very good friends. After which fitting into the hostel will be no big deal!

 Keep your space

But do remember you need to maintain your space. If you give anyone the ability to rule or boss you around, then they will continue to do so. It is okay for you to buy travel gifts for your mates out of your own free will. But if they threaten you to get it for them, then you need to put a stop to it immediately. Because if they think that you are afraid of them, they may try to take undue advantage of your situation. So always keep your space with all and don’t get to close anyone unless you completely trust them!


Finally, you will need to adjust. You may have everything in life, but when it comes fitting in a new hostel there are a lot of things that you will need to sacrifice. Because without compromise and hardship, yoj cannot achieve anything in life. Always keep in mind that, life is better under any situation when there is sacrifice because one cannot get exactly one wants! Life does not work that way!