What Is The Best Time To Prune Trees?

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The optimum time to get tree pruning Blue Mountains services, stump removal Hawkesbury or trim trees and shrubs is often during the winter. Since most trees are dormant from November through March, this is the best time to plant them for the following reasons:

  • Insects and disease have a lower impact on trees.
  • Our workers can readily see what they’re doing because all the leaves have fallen, and there is less of an influence on the surrounding scenery.
  • Since trees repair more quickly, your tree will be happy and healthy once more by the time spring arrives.

Oh, and you save more money, which is another significant factor favouring winter tree cutting. Simple fact: You’ll save more money when you schedule your tree trimming and removal soon (like now). Don’t leave things to the last minute and then be let down.

Pruning in the late winter helps the wound from pruning start to heal more quickly since fresh wounds are only briefly visible before new growth starts. Additionally, since there are less leaf impediments while a plant is dormant, trimming it helps facilitate decision-making.

Pruning in the late winter is very beneficial for preventing some illnesses. By trimming oaks between November and March, you can prevent the illness Oak Wilt. Never prune oak trees between April and October. Between February and the end of April, apple trees should be trimmed. Pruning in the spring or summer increases the likelihood that an illness will spread, but pruning in the fall or early winter may cause growth problems the following season.

The optimum time to trim honey locusts is in the late winter when they are dormant since dry weather is ideal for this task.

Pruning after flowering

Trees and shrubs should be clipped as soon as they finish flowering if they bloom early in the growing season on growth from the previous year.

Cut back before fresh growth

Before growth starts in the spring, trim shrubs that are planted primarily for their leaves rather than their beautiful blossoms.

Bushes and hedges

Hedge trimming is necessary often after the first pruning done at planting. Normally, hedges may be trimmed twice a year—once in the spring and once in the middle of the summer.


Conifers that are evergreens often don’t need much trimming. According to their various growth tendencies, different evergreen species require different pruning techniques.

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You may save money and enjoy piece of mind by scheduling your winter tree trimming, tree pruning Blue Mountains and stump removal Hawkesbury services by ADT Tree Services in advance. To reserve your location, call right now and talk with one of our arborists. Our arborists will find out more about your plant to make sure we develop the most thorough trimming and upkeep plan tailored for your plant. So contact us to get the best tree pruning Blue Mountains service.